Công ty Cổ Phần Truyền Hình Cáp Sông Thu




•    Company name (Vietnamese): CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN TRUYỀN HÌNH CÁP SÔNG THU

•    Company name (English): ARICO CATV JOINT STOCK COMPANY

•    Trading name (Short name): ARICO CATV

•    Head office: 58 Ham Nghi Street, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City.

•    Telephone: 0236 3653 653  - Fax: 0236 3650 872  - Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

•    Business registration certificate: Business License No. 0302000550 certificated by Department of Planning and  Investment on 2nd July, 2002

•    Business line: providing Pay-TV and High Speed Internet, advertising services,  assembling, trading devices and games online, videos on demand (VOD), online landline,....


The first joint venture in the field of cable television in Vietnam was established in Da Nang city in 2002. It was Drt-Arico CATV Company Limited which received capital contribution of Autumn River Company Ltd (abbreviated as ARICO, accounting for 80% of the charter capital) and Danang Radio & Television (abbreviated as DRT, accounting for 20% ofthe charter capital).

In 2007, members of ARICO decided to redeem contributed capital amount of DRT, accounting for 20% of the total capital contribution, to convert DRT-ARICO CATV Company Limited into a 100% private enterprise named ARICO CATV JOINT STOCK COMPANY. Then the joint stock company has continuously expanded its digital system in Da Nang city so far.

Over 20 operational years up to now, the Company has scaled the trading operations and achieved many targets in the cable TV service. With ambitions and right investable decisions, the Company has been increasing constantly the number of channels and at the moment, more than 80 digital video broadcasting – terrestrial channels and 200 digital channels are broadcasting, also improving internet service to keep up with the modern life. Moreover, to meet the demand of customers' variety entertaining needs, the combo of Internet and CATV service does not only bring the convenience in assembled process, using but also saves much expense, brings the optimization compares with the subscription for one or two programs. This will state the significant step and huge development of the Company.

Led by the young leaders and the contributions of enthusiastic and dynamic employees, ARICO CATV has been growing to demonstrate its dynamism in the market and is considered one of leading companies in Vietnam’s cable television area.


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